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Lets Begin!


 1) Some 'Must Know Information'

 2) What You Need
 i) Alcohol Pads
 ii) Needles
 iii) Syringes
 iv) Steroids

 3) Injection Sites
i) Quadriceps
 ii) Gluteus
 iii) Deltoid
 iv) Biceps
 v) Pectoral
 vi) Sub-Q Injections

 4) How To Inject Safely
i) Preperation
 ii) Withdrawing The Steroid
 iii) Getting the Needle In
 iv) Aspirating
 v)Injecting The Steroid
 vi)Post Injecting

 5) De-Brief

 1) Some 'Must Know Information'

 Steroids are typically injected (IM)Intra - Muscularly, into sites with large muscle groups. This is to ensure minimum pain and so that the circulation of the steroid is more widespread.

 The key sites include: Quadriceps, Biceps, Deltoids and Gluteus Muscle groups.

 There's a lot of controversy on whether the injection site is important or unimportant, a lot of people say that it's less about whether one site is better than the other in terms of delivery but more about whether injecting into that particular site will promote growth in that area. However there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

 Another key thing to remember is at ALL times you should be keeping yourself, your injection site clean, using Alcohol pads. Also to make sure your syringes and needles are NOT shared and are sterile before use. So before you start injecting, do your research, know your steroids, and stay safe.

 Before we move on, I want to put this particular subject into a must know, as it can save time and money.
 A lot of us know about Multi-Drug Dosing. But for those who don't, It can save you a lot of time and Syringes!
 Sometimes people stack their Oil-Based drugs in one syringe, this helps avoid multiple injections on one day.

 For this you'll need to use a Needle with a larger gauge and larger ml capacity. Before stacking your steroids, make sure you research your particular steroid to ensure it can be stacked. In this instance, Google is your best friend.

 2) What You Need

 i)Alcohol Pads
 Alcohol pads normally contain Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) which is used to sterilize or disinfect. This makes it perfect for cleaning the Injection site and the top of your vial. Just remember, a new pad for each instance, never re-use a pad.

 The pads should be wiped over the top of the vial after the steroid has been drawn into the syringe, this is to ensure there is no bacteria left upon the vial.

 When wiping the injection site, wipe in a clockwise circular motion, slowly moving wider each time a full motion is made, this makes sure the bacteria is killed, the area is made sterile and any remaining bacteria is forced away from the area.

 Needles come in all sorts of various lengths, sizes and colours. Most are colour coordinated depending on Manufacturer this can differ.

 Most people chose a needle length based on 2 different options:
 1)Size of the muscle group
 2)Amount of Subcutaneous fat you have to cut through in order to reach a reasonable depth in the muscle.

 Generally speaking, the Glute being the largest muscle group is considered most desirable, although I personally prefer quad.
 If your BF is under 20% you'll be safe with a needle from 1" to 1.5".

 When speaking about 'Gauges' you talk about the width of the barrel. 18 Gauge being a large barrel and 27 gauge being a thin barrel. For injecting 22-23gauge is a safe bet. Withdrawing I tend to prefer using a 21 gauge, just to make life easier withdrawing the substance.

 When it comes to needels, you need two per injection (If we're being safe).

1) Your 21 Gauge 2" needle to withdraw the substance.
 2) Your 23 Gauge 1.25-1.5" needle to inject the substance.

 We SHOULD dispose of both needles and syringe when we are done, although a lot of people argue you can re-use the withdrawing needle with the same substance. I prefer not to, but again do at your own risk.

 There's not a lot to say about this really, just a few key points. Stick with the Bog standard 3CC size syringe, works with everything, can't really go wrong.

 If your Multi-Dosing you might want to up it to a 5CC.

 PLEASE dispose of syringes and buy them sterile. If they aren't in a sealed packet. Send them back or throw them. It's not worth risking.


 The MOST important factor here is make sure your source is reliable. We've all heard the horror stories from buying online, I personally would avoid it, however not saying it isn't correct, but IMO not worth the risk.

 ALL steroid vials should come with a small tin like lid, keeping the vial sealed. If you receive an open vial and go plunging your syringe in, your welcoming all kinds of potential problems.

 After each time you withdraw a substance you should always wipe the vial surface down, can't stress enough safety first.

 And lastly, if your not seeing results from your steroids, Get a blood test, buy a testing kit (Google Steroid Testing Kit), I'm not going to waste time talking to much about this.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about this, and I really stress this, before you consider steroids, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Talk to friends, find a safe source, watch and talk to people with experience. This is no game, they are not magic pills. Do your research or you could end up with serious problems.

 3)Injection Sites

 There are a number of Injection sites to chose from. Some I haven't listed, through lack of information and knowledge about them. But the key ones are listed.

 To my knowledge you can inject in any site, and eventually, the substance will spread out to reach all receptors. I do not believe that the steroid assists the specific limb it's injected into. More about Injecting itself will be explained later.

 Below are the listed Injection Sites and Images to go with it.

 But before we do that, I would like take a second to talk about the actual need going into the skin, as great as it is plunging the needle in at 10000mph, it's dangerous, has a higher risk of damaging muscle tissue.

 So rather than one quick swoop, rest the needle just above the site, press against the skin and slowly push through, more will be explained later on.

ALWAYS when doing a normal IM enter the needle into the skin at 90degree's. There are exceptions, again we will get to this.

i)Quadriceps - Lateral surface of thigh

 The thigh is a site that many people like to use as it is obviously very simple to execute as you can use both hands and the site is right in front of you.
 You will find that you will have personal preference on what sites you like to include. Some people like thigh injections very much and think they are the easiest to execute, others do not particularly like them.

 Another great thing about the thigh is, If your stacking, you can rotate between Thigh and Gluteus, to avoid pinning the same area.


 The glutes (the buttocks) is a common site to inject into as it is a large deep muscle, with fewer nerve endings. When we inject into the glute, we want to inject into the upper outer region of the muscle, as this has the least amount of nerves and blood vessels.

 The glute injection can be difficult as it requires you to twist around to inject, but this is usually something you can get used to, and will likely find your own ways to make it easier as you become more experienced with injecting. A way to help you doing this is to use a big mirror to watch yourself in, if it helps.


 The deltoid (shoulder) is another option for injections. Inject into the thickest and central region of the deltoid, above the level of the armpit, in the lateral head.

 Personally the Chest and Shoulder are a bit to Pulp Fiction for me. If given the option of Glutes and Quads, it seems odd why people would Inject here, but again, personal preference, if you can handle this area better, please do.


 Inject into the fullest area of the biceps brachii, half way between the insertion and origin points. The only reason I can see for this, is if people are to believe that injecting directly into the muscle, will most enhance that particular area.

 So in case you want to try this area. Here's another image.


 The chest is an injection that is not commonly used by the inexperienced user, but is a likeable injection spot for many users once they bite the bullet and give it ago. The more sites we have open to use, the more rotation is possible and therefore the less scar tissue we will have to build up when we increase injection volume.

 Inject into the fullest and deepest area of the chest. Making sure the arm is brought down and slightly across the body will make the chest easier to inject as there is more tissue to inject into.

 vi)Sub-Q Injections

 A SubQ injection, as it is commonly known, is a shortened term used to describe a subcutaneous injection. A subcutaneous injection is an injection that is given into the area between the skin and muscle, known as the subcutaneous tissue (see diagram below).

 Reasons for use SubQ are arguable, such as the dose of the drug, how fast acting it is, and the type of drug may all be reasons why a drug has to be shot SubQ.

 Drugs administrated SubQ will usually be injected using a insulin syringe. The insulin syringe holds a maximum of 1ml, and has small increments for when dealing with small volumes of medicine. The increments go up in 10's, all the way up to 100, which is one ml. So, '50' on the barrel is half a ml, and '100' on the barrel is one ml.

 A few people have asked me about SubQ, researching on it myself, I've also discovered a lot. If you want to find out more, there are many more sources out there that can really help, this is the tip of the ice berg so to speak.

 4)How To Inject Safely

 Injecting and the technique, process involved is often mistreated and abused. This is not from an article on the internet, this is the technique I've used and I've been taught. It gets me through and the medical staff who use it. I trust my training, I hope you can benefit from it also.


 Preparation is a underestimated factor when it comes to injecting. Organisation is everything, and will help make it run that little smoother. But let's get started.

 Firstly, Lay out your Withdrawing needle(21G 2"), Injecting Needle (23G 1.25-1.5"), 3cc Syringe and Vial of steroid. You should also have your Alcohol pads to hand and your sharps bin / container.

 Firstly let's get on and clean up your Injection site. Take your area of choice, take one of your alcohol pads, and wipe in a circular motion around your site. Moving further away each motion, this will force bacteria away from the area.

 Secondly peel away the tin lid/cover from your vial, again take your alcohol pad, and with one slow full wipe, wipe over the lid, ensuring to cover all area's of the surface. You can't be to careful.

 Now that your all clean, you have all your gear laid out. You should be ok to go.

 ii)Withdrawing The Steroid

 Withdrawing the steroid is as important as any other part. For a few reasons. Lets start by going through it.

 Take your packaged 21G 2" needle, and Syringe. Being reasonably careful not to drop it or wipe to much on it, the end of the needle should just connect to the syringe by twisting or pushing the two hard together. The needle should STILL have its cover over it.

 Take the cover off the needle how it needle facing the roof, withdraw the same amount of air as your going to withdraw in substance. So if your injecting 1ml substance, then withdraw 1ml air into the syringe.

 This may seem odd, but don't worry. Now carefully push the needle into the vial (The vial should be upright on a solid surface) and Inject 1ml of air into the vial.

 This is to maintain the +/- pressure in the vial the same, as you are about to take 1ml out.

 Once you´ve one this, holding the vial upside down with the needle in the vial (you need to make sure the tip of the needle is below the level of the liquid), begin to slowly pull back on the plunger and draw the desired amount of liquid into the syringe. When your done, turn it back right withdraw the needle and place the vial back.

 Now the next bit is what lot of people don't do, and can cause the substance to leak from the needle whilst changing needles over.

 Hold the syringe with the needle facing the roof, withdraw approx. 1/2 ml of air into the syringe. The air should now be separating the substance from the entry point to the needle.

 We do this so that when we change the needles over the substance doesn't leak out the syringe, instead the air pocket we've drawn in keeps the substance in the syringe.

 Put the cap on your current needle, twist it off, and throw it in your sharps bin. Now take your injecting needle out the package, twist and push it onto your syringe with substance in.

 Turn the syringe over, so the needle(with the cap still on) is facing the floor, and flick the syringe (The area with the substance) so that the air you've trapped in, should move to behind the substance (to the end of the syringe).

 Your now ready to inject!

 iii)Getting The Needle In

 If you've followed this guide properly you should be looking at a 3CC Syringe with a 23G 1.25-1.5" needle in, the Syringe should have substance in with a small air pocket behind it.

 In this E.g. will say your injecting into your outer thigh muscle. You should know where your injection site is now. Remove your needle cap.

 Take a deep breathe, with your spare hand, bunch together the skin around the area. Hover the needle just above the injection site. Slowly but firmly press down, the needle should pierce your skin, slight discomfort, stinging will shortly follow.

 Keep pushing the needle through until all, or very close to all the needle is in your thigh. Don't rush this, when the needles in, you should get very little pain, just small discomfort.

 The next part is VERY IMPORTANT!


 Aspirating is the term used to describe what we do when the needle is in our leg.

 Aspirating involves slowly, being careful not to jolt the needle around to much, pull back on the plunger, this will be quite difficult, but don't rush just, just keep applying more force.

 What you should see happen is a few little air bubble rise up into the syringe.

 IF you have blood coming into the syringe, withdraw the needle. immediately. You'll have to dispose of the set and start again. Blood being withdrawn means you've hit a vein, Injecting the substance using a Intra Vascular method will cause discomfort, pain, side effects and overall is very dangerous.

 If you saw air bubbles, your good to go, the worst of it's over, slowly applying some pressure, push down on the plunger, you should take ideally, between 30-60 seconds to inject 1ml worth of substance.

 Now I'm sure your wondering about that little Air pocket, this helps insure all the substance is injected into your leg, when all the substance is in, you'll hear a quiet farting like noise.
 This is the sound of trapped air escaping, letting you know it's all in.

 Congratulations, You've successfully made your first pin.


 If you have any worries, your more than welcome to post here, there's a lot of experienced guys to help.

 A LOT, or 99% of everyone I know that has pinned quads, will tell you:

 It's just your body getting used to it, and will fade over time. So expect to be limping for a while

 PLEASE make sure you put all caps back on, seperate all the equipment and dispose of it safely and correctly. (Not in with normal trash).

 5) De-Brief