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Is there a minimum order ?

- There is not.

I'm not from USA, can I order ?

- Yes you can, if you're one of follow countries : Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland.

Is this site legit, real ?

- if you don't believe us just place small order first so you can check us and we bet you will order again ! ;)

Are your products real ?

- Yep, we buy them straigth from the manufacturers

Do you accept credit cards ?

- It's not possible directly because we're selling real, illegal steroids so CC companies won't allow us. You can use your card when you pick Western, WU accepts credit cards payments.

Do you offer any price discounts ?

- when it's over 1 000 $ US dollars, we offer 10 % price discount

Can I track my order ?

- yeah, we can provide your tracking number and after 5th days since it's shipped you can track it easily.

How can I trust you ?

-How it works ? Most of our customer first checked us by smaller order, for example 1 vial, ampule of something. We do NOT have minimum order so you can order whatever you want to.

After your order is shipped we provide TRACKING NUMBER! You can track the order ANYTIME you want, you can clearly see the way of your order !

We care about our reputation!

Why don't you accept PayPal and Credit Card payments directly thru site ?

- Our steroids are made by pharmacies, it means they are illegal for most of countries and credit card companies and paypal will never accept steroids sales. You have to understand we're selling steroids, not candies. If we could use it we would, but it's impossible and who says it's not don't care about your privacy and safety. But we DO.

How do you ship orders, how is it packed ?

- Discretion is on highest level, no one will EVER knows what you ordered. We're deleting all information, track of payments to keep you ( customer ) SAFE.

- How? Our method is our method, we're not sharing any info, after you receive product you will find out how ( we prefer classic post because of success, safety )

Why are prices so low ?

- Our gear is not from 5th hand. We've got roids straight from sources ( labs ) which made them so we can offer appropriate prices for illegal, real substances.

I want to order in bulk,  is it possible, safe ?

- Yes, it's. Contact us for further information.

Are your steroids legal ?

- No, they are not ( at least in most of the countries ). We've got real roids, real substances = illegal. Who claims real roids are not illegal, he lies.

How can I pay ?

- You can pick from Bank transfer or Western Union

What is the delivery successful rate ?

United States and UK and whole Europe it's close to 98 % so far., I don't even remember when we had any problems with delivery to this countries. The only problem was in incorrect address written by customer.

Australia is kinda complicated. Aussie's customs are really hard to get through, We're sending to Austraia to own risk of the customer. It's like 50 %

Same with Canada, only on own risk of customer.

How long does it take to get my order ?

USA - 5 to 15 days usually.

Italy, Spain, Sweden ... Europe - 4-8 days.

UK takes sometimes even 9-11 days. Usually 4-8 days.

From where do you ship ?

- central Europe

How to send money by Bank Transfer ( Bank Wire ) ?

So you know details of our bank, print them or write on some paper you will need them.

Option number 1 :

Take our bank details with youself and find the bank in your location, best opinion is your bank where you have account created.
After you get there say to employee you want to transfer money to a friend ( show her our bank details ).in case  they will ask  for more details, like receiver's address personal address - emails us so we can provide details.

That's all, bank should know what to do.

Option number 2 :

Online banking, if your bank support it, you can try to log to online banking and send us money online ( it usually works for European banks )

How to pay with Bitcoins payment?